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December 30, 2006
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Firefox 2  Vista Black  Beta by Internauta2000 Firefox 2  Vista Black  Beta by Internauta2000
Firefox 2 Vista Black Beta 1.0

Available for discharge in version beta 1.0...!!!

¡¡¡for Firefox 2.0+ only!!!

¡¡¡Update for Firefox!!!

The package contains the theme... I thank to report any failure.

Thanks to all exelentes comments and critical for my job... My excuses by some error that can have.



Vista glass sidebar meter..!!


**Update the 06/01/07 (New functions added in "Power Control" section)**


**Update the 15/03/08 ** Work in Firefox


Available for download in my galery... [link]

(This skin is for Rainmeter program only).

Visit my galery for more jop... [link]

"I thank not to ask meaningless questions... the one that do not know to install the skin that be sought aid in another place... Thanks"
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I'd have to say I made a profile just to tell you how ridiculously stupid this is why it may seem haha awesome it's eating up your ram and memory for shit that most people are going to look at what like once a week?(the side bar)And as for the theme it's gay as fuck too how much virtual memory you think it takes to run that I don't think computer programmers ever used cool themes they always use classic....cause it takes less ram gets the job done faster these themes that people make are useless and don't help your computer they hurt them by slowing them down and running harder gay Ya I'm trolling so fucking what at least I know what I'm talking about.
AdamF-X29 Jan 20, 2010  Hobbyist Digital Artist
im new to this how do i install this file where in my c directory ?
foxfire ?
i dont understand this
this doesn't work by me
i download the rar. and then can't find the instal
can anyone help me..
It's an excelent theme thanks, i waiting it for Firefox 3.x.
Leonike Apr 20, 2009  Student
this is amazing! but its not working, i think it wont work for the 3rd version, or what its called.
Este projeto é muito bonito, parabens, mas pretende atualiza-lo para a nova versão do firefox 3.0.8?
Ficarei no aguardo.
Please make this one for Firefox 3
I would really like to use it...
I must echo other comments asking - nay, begging - for an update of your theme for Firefox 3.

I haven't upgraded to Firefox on my main computer and I wont unless I can also use your theme, which I have used since at least the beginning of the FF2 series.

I did upgrade to FF3 on my laptop and installed the poor imitation of your theme they also call Vista Black - with a note that it is copied from your theme...and poorly copied I might add...but that "other" one just doesn't - to my tastes - have any class, and is a glaring intrusion with the Vista Anthracite for XP theme I use as my OS theme; where your theme is a subtle and smooth transition when starting my browser.

So although I am now using FF2.0.0.20 (and your theme works fine), I wont be upgrading to FF3.x until you have the time or energy to upgrade YOUR theme, regardless of the incessant whining pop-ups from FF asking me to upgrade.

So, long story short - although I've kind of blown that one - I hope you do have the time to upgrade your them so it will work with the new FF3 code.

Thanks for a couple of years of an attractive browser, anyway.
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